Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear 2013

Dear 2013,
I will walk outside during my lunch break just to feel the sun on my face and quiet my mind.

I will slow down and listen better when someone is talking.

I will be the best Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend that I can be. If I say something stupid or hurt anyones feelings I promise I will say I am sorry. I know my way isn't the right way, it's only the right way for me so i'll keep my heart and mind open to how everyone else takes care of business. 

I will nourish my body with healthy, organic and local food whenever I can. And when I can't, I will accept the fact that I just ate a whole bag of potato chips and french onion dip with as little self loathing as possible and will continue to pray for a cure for the insatiable junk food hunger that comes with my period. Menopause can not be too far away and I'm pretty sure I would rather have a potato chip hangover than rogue facial hair and hot flashes. 

I will try to not be intimidated to be in a stall alone with a horse. 

I will always remember that 2 vodka martini's are my limit. Any more than that requires a babysitter. I am too old for a babysitter and unexplained bruising. 

I will try to remember how crappy eating sugar makes me feel before I eat it.

I will stop trying on jeans and accept the fact that I don't like how they feel or how they make my butt look. I am a skirt person. 

I will write when I feel inspired and hopefully will feel inspired everyday. If not, it's ok. Seriously. 

I will rename this blog. And myself. 

I will try not to revisit things I say good bye to. There is a very good chance that once in a while I am going to have a cup of coffee even tho I parted ways with my dark roasted love in 2012. I know I will hold the cup with both hands and deeply inhale the aroma while I close my eyes and take a sip. And then, in a half hour when my heart starts pounding and my cheeks are flushed I will try not panic, contemplate going to the emergency room or consider the purchase of a defibrillator to carry around in my oversized purse. I will remember remember why we parted ways. We aren't good for each other any more. 

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  1. I do love the sound of your voice which is like listening to a quiet purr in my ear. Clear, calm, sometimes funny, often serious, and warm. Come t to think of it, your writing voice is like a perfect cup of coffee to me. I hold the mug in my hands, feel the steam rise, inhale deeply with my eyes closed, and fall deep into it. And then there's the taste.

    I'm very much hoping that you feel like writing almost every day. I'm selfish like that.