Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Eyes

After my Mother and I decided that she needs eye lifting surgery more that I do she packed her car and left for Florida. Without me and my slowly sagging eyelids.

She'll only be gone for 10 days but we covered every possible scenario for disaster just in case my world fall apart while she is gone. Kind of silly considering the fact that I am 41 years old and have managed so far to keep myself alive and out of prison without the her daily guidance. BUT... just to safe, I have the key to the house, a list of contents of everything she left in the freezer and a copy of her will in the event that the natural disaster is her untimely death.

(Later in the week)...

She's been gone now for 5 days and the only disasters have been a flat tire and two snow days. Not disasters by typical means but enough of a glitch for me to spend at least an hour wishing that once in a while it would be nice if someone took care of everything for me.

She texts me first thing in the morning, sends me photos of herself on the beach, playing golf, and from inside the restaurant she's eating at so I really haven't had the chance to miss her but I'm still glad that she'll be home soon. That pot roast in the freezer won't taste nearly as good if I make it.

And really, moving on won't require me to get an eye lift. I'll be delighted if in 20 years my eyes look just like hers.